Update 01.148

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Hello Engineers! This week's update brings you a round of bug fixes as well as the next developer diary - this week, you'll hear from one of our artists, Natiq, who will tell you more about the upcoming new look for blocks in our game. Fixes this week include shaky gunplay, camera and turret issues. Check below for the full list of this week's fixes and improvements and enjoy your summer!


  • bugfixes


  • fixed shaking of the gun, when shooting
  • fixed camera overlay not changing when switching cameras
  • fixed Drill working even when disconnected from a grid
  • fixed turret not resetting to idle after shooting at neutral target
  • fixed turret shooting at player after joining the same faction like the owner of a turret
  • fixed issues where spiders were able to dig into the grid
  • fixed player being able to edit text panel after it's destruction
  • fixed low level of oxygen at earth-like planet surface
  • fixed particle issues when shooting grass on alien planet
  • fixed issues with slider for control panel after making some blocks hidden

Update 148.002

  • fixed lambda in programmable block