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Hello, Engineers! Today’s update contains numerous multiplayer improvements and LOD optimizations. Firstly, there should no longer be cases of missing planets, asteroids and grids when connected to multiplayer servers. We also added a loading wheel to indicate when anything from the server is being streamed to the client. This will definitely help players by letting them know that the surrounding environment is still loading when selecting a medbay in the respawn screen. Additionally, there were some other minor desync fixes made this week. For example, you should not see any HUD warnings from other connected players from now on.

There were LOD optimizations made to block models which should result in various performance gains with many worlds and builds although the changes will be most noticeable on lower end systems.

Newly placed blocks will now inherit the velocity of the character when moving faster than 15m/s. Below this speed, any block placed will have zero velocity. It’s a subtle change but should be useful when trying to build on a fast moving ship. Before this, a newly placed block would’ve just been left behind potentially colliding with the existing grid that you’re standing on. We also resolved issues with corner light flares and stations pasted into voxels being unable to move their mechanical parts.

Lastly, we have created a much more detailed guide for the cutscene editor which you can find on the forums. This is part of our ongoing efforts to produce more guides for the modding and scripting of Space Engineers.


  • LOD Optimizations
  • Newly placed blocks inheriting the velocity of the player
  • Cutscene Editor Guide [1]


  • fixed issue with grids and voxels not appearing from client
  • fixed issue with grid not reloading
  • fixed character leaning in certain situation when using mag boots
  • fixed crash when spawning in a small drill ship
  • fixed issue with synchronization of trees between client and server
  • fixed synchronization between client and server for corpse GPS marker
  • fixed issue with sub grids turning into station when their main grid was placed into voxel.

Hotfix 178.004

  • added 15 M/s threshold for when placing blocks during movement
  • added mountpoint on small merge block
  • fixed crash when locking to another grid that is being controlled


  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=879883672