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Currently Working On

  • Update history of all blocks
  • Planet and its connecting pages
  • Moon and its connecting pages
  • Ships and its connecting pages
  • World Settings Changing its layout and design so there is more expansion for specific information without so much clutter
  • Controls Just tweaking its layout
  • Tools Still needs a bit of cleanup

Wiki Goals

Main Page

  • Completely revamp main wiki page
  • Update all Main page wiki links
  • Find somewhere to put Media & FAQ

Help Pages

  • Update all Help pages
    • Help pages are too complicated to understand still, simplify it further.
    • Reduce clutter on Help:Contents
  • Add a Wiki-supported tutorial page and category


  • Update community portal
  • Update all mod pages
  • Update all server pages
  • Update all faction pages
  • Rewrite Controls to be less of a tutorial, and more informative of just control layouts.
  • Rewrite Creative Mode to be more generalized, include all new tools provided by KSH
  • Rewrite Survival Mode to be more generalized and include all new features and mechanic information.
  • Add section or page for "Sub-Grids"
  • Rewrite World Settings, better organize it, and rid of the clutter, also update content within it.

Block/Item/Material pages

  • After all block/item/material pages are up to date. Simplify them further.
  • Set up an organized layout for all block, material, ore, and mechanic pages
  • Update all block pages
    • Check all block construction requirements
    • Check all mechanical properties to be accurate for each block page
    • All block pages contain at least one screenshot (if possible)
    • Place an "Update History" in block all block pages (up-to-date)
  • Update all material pages
    • All material pages contain screenshots
  • Update all tool pages
    • All tool pages contain screenshots

Mechanic Pages

  • Update all mechanic pages
    • Completely rewrite the faction page
  • Add a big important section dedicated entirely to Inertial Dampeners!
  • Add new mechanic page for wheels and their suspensions
  • Add a "ships" Gameplay page, separate with sub pages of "Cargo Ships" "KSH Default" and "Encounters"
  • Completely redo the Weapons page, and include the following:
    • Separate Turrets and Manual weapons
    • Include weapon info such as:
    • How Damage vs targets is calculated