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Warhead Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass700.4 kg
700,400 g
700,400,000 mg
0.7 t
Build time30 s
Explosion Radius22.442 m
Explosion Damage15,000
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost100
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-11
Warhead Icon.png
Small Ship
Small Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass106.2 kg
106,200 g
106,200,000 mg
0.106 t
Build time10 s
Explosion Radius4.488 m
Explosion Damage15,000
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost50
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-11


The Warhead block is an explosive device with a large destructive radius, far greater than Explosives when detonated. It is capable of being remotely detonated from a distance through the Terminal. It also has a timer function on it that allows the player to set a countdown until it explodes. The Warhead is volatile though, and will also explode when hit with enough force from an object, or fired at by any damaging Weapons.


Warhead blocks can be used in order to create torpedoes and bombs, dig tunnels and create mine fields. Warheads explode on collision or when damaged (especially with bullets).

The Warhead can be set to countdown and automatically detonate after a pre-set time (this does not require the safety to be switched off), or be manually detonated either by a trigger or the player. Manual detonation requires the safety checkbox/toggle to be set to off either by trigger (to turn off safety), programmable block or player intervention. The Warhead will not be able to be detonated otherwise on command. HOWEVER, the Warhead will detonate if it damaged by an impact collision or with weapons fire - regardless of whether the safety is toggled or not.

The Warhead is noteworthy for not requiring any power or consuming power, it is entirely self-powered - once it's set to countdown it must be stopped although it relatively easy to hack and disarm.


Air Vent Front Indicator Green.png Safety Enabled / Not Armed
Air Vent Front Indicator Yellow.png Safety Disabled / Is Armed
Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png Countdown to detonation is active

The Warhead will display different colors to indicate its state. When it is green, its safety is on and its not armed (it can and will explode if it's damaged). When it's yellow, it's currently armed and can be detonated at any time. When it is red and flashing, the warhead is counting down and is set to explode regardless of its safety switch: The faster it flashes between red and black, the closer it is to detonating.


  • Detonation time - The amount of time before the Warhead detonates (Does not require "Safety" to be off). Minimum 1 second, and maximum 1 hour.
  • Start countdown - Starts the countdown till detonation.
  • Stop countdown - Stops the countdown.
  • Safety - Prevents accidental manual detonation. Must be un-checked in order to manually detonate. (Is not required for "countdown" detonation).
  • Detonate - Manually explode the Warhead. (Triggers instantly).


Warhead Warhead01.jpg
Warhead Warhead02.jpg


  • Digging tunnels with warheads is easier than with other Weapons. It is less precise than missiles but destroys a much larger area.
  • Small Warhead blast radius is about 5m. Large Warhead blast radius is about 15-20m.

Known Issues

  • When a Warhead explodes, it will only causes localized damage. It has no actual force behind the explosion. So when it is detonated, it will only destroy/damage blocks around its radius, it will not blow/push any blocks around it. An example of this is if you detonated the Warhead in the centre of a small ship. Instead of the blocks being destroyed and pushed away by so much explosive force, it will remain stationary.

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Update History

update 01.011.006
  • Warhead block introduced