Update 01.059

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In this week’s update, we have made improvements on projector and assembler blocks. We have also added the option to disassemble a single item for assembler. Moreover, the bugfixing still continues.


  • projector improvements
  • assembler improvements
  • mwm viewer improvements
  • added the single item disassemble option for assembler
  • projector now remembers last projected blueprint when turned OFF and ON again


  • mwm viewer fixes
  • fixed issue with landing gears being ripped off
  • fixed confusing disassemble for assembler--assembler now disassembles only items in its own inventory
  • fixed issue when assembler icon was red even when there is enough material in conveyor system to assemble the item
  • fixed assembler showing blocks for disassemble instead of components
  • fixed inventory filter is not closing when pressing 'X'
  • fixed projected block does not keep options
  • fixed projected blueprints don't keep groups
  • fixed projector projecting when it’s off


Important Note: projector will not remember ON/OFF action on already projected blueprints, you will have to project them again and it will work without problems.

Warning: Avast and possibly other anti-virus software could mark file SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe as a malware containing "Win32:Evo-gen" infection. This may happen during Steam download of this new update. This is just a false-positive, please mark this file as an exception to continue the update.