Update 01.118

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21 Jan 2016


This week we are adding Planetary tutorials for new and returning players to help them survive and use all the mechanics and resources properly on the planets - for example, how to use wheeled vehicles. We have improved the visual fidelity of spotlights and beacons, and also added reflection to glass and shiny surfaces. From now on you will be able to navigate much easier in indoor environments. Additionally, we have improved the performance by reducing the amount of particles without sacrificing the quality of the effects and the overall look and feel.

Important message
For those who are using custom skins on characters, especially modders. Due to a fixed oxygen consuming bug the game may crash when using custom skin on characters. To fix this, follow this link: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/character-skins-crashing-after-01-118.7378645/


  • Planetary Tutorials
  • Improved lighting effects
  • Spotlight for Spectator Mode


  • fixed crash with oxygen
  • fixed crash in Havok
  • fixed crash when clients are joining
  • fixed drill too fragile
  • fixed high particle count
  • fixed window reflections
  • fixed spotlights not shining enough
  • fixed ice disappearing in oxygen generators
  • fixed no gyro sound playing

Update 118.011 (22/01/2016)

  • fixed crash when creating faction
  • fixed crash with oxygen
  • fixed crash with electricity