Update 01.121

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11 Fed 2016


In this week’s update we are introducing a new batch of bug fixes and enhancements. We fixed batteries and solar panels not outputting power, we resolved the issue with safe environment on dedicated servers and improved the visual feeling of trees and bushes that may have looked like a plastic. Also we fixed as issue with LCDs screens where images would be displayed there permanently. Make sure you check out the video update, there is a small sneak peak for you on what we are working on. Bare in mind that what you are going to see is work in progress.


  • jumping (SPACE) mechanic changes; players have some light aerial control during jumping, so it is possible to traverse the planetary terrain more easily. Also, jump force was added to the characters sbc file so modders can now make jump suit mods
  • fixed character is getting damage when grinding/welding blocks
  • fixed blocks working without electricity
  • fixed audio volume bug (too loud)
  • fixed programmable block missing functionality: GetBlockGroupWithName
  • fixed flora and Sun Rotation is off by default on DS
  • fixed cryochamber not powered in tutorial 1
  • fixed trash removal removing rotor top parts and piston top parts
  • fixed sound playing louder when player is holding tool
  • fixed antenna broadcasting without power
  • fixed some players can't hear a-thrusters but others can
  • fixed turret sound cutting too early
  • fixed rotating wheel does not have same color as the font (in loading screen)
  • fixed sorter list is full of welders
  • fixed solar panels not recharging batteries on DS
  • fixed particle effect of grinder is really big
  • fixed no sound when moving objects in inventories by holding Ctrl/Shift
  • fixed respawn ship cooldown not persisting on DS
  • fixed crash when setting max. floating objects in DS console
  • fixed LCD - removal of a texture from "Selected Textures" window doesn't switch the texture off
  • fixed Gatling turret control is not damaging blocks around you
  • fixed hostility setting on DS keeps resetting
  • fixed plastic grass

Update 01.121.1 (12/02/2016)

  • fixed crash with sounds
  • fixed crash with thrash removal
  • fixed crash when thruster is destroyed
  • fixed crash with remote control
  • fixed crash when using antenna
  • fixed crash when attaching rotor