Update 01.122

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18 Fed 2016


This week we are introducing a hit confirmation on all weapons. A successful hit to any NPC character or a character in multiplayer with a weapon will be represented visually by changing the cross-hair, including its color, and auditory, with a sound effect. On the visual side we tweaked glass surfaces a bit to look more visible with added scratches and dirt. Don’t forget to check the video update for more information about saving the bandwidth in multiplayer explained by one of our programmers.

  • the cross-hair hit confirmation visual representation demonstrated in the video is a WIP version and differs from the one that is included in the game.


  • Hit Confirmation


  • fixed Increase the distance of picking up items from ground
  • fixed memory leaks in render
  • fixed oxygen causing performance issues
  • fixed writing into two chats at once when in scenario screen
  • added control over rotor and piston locking
  • fixed mass not recalculating correctly
  • fixed deleting asteroids does not remove .vx2 file
  • fixed desync of ranks on reconnect DS
  • fixed landing gear can locked on welders "area of effect"
  • fixed bounding box of items is never updating the size
  • fixed cannot place blocks Issue on planets
  • fixed blueprint pasted and changed, still is saved with old tool
  • fixed conveyor still working after it's grinded down

Update (19/02/2016)

  • fixed crash when spawning floating objects
  • fixed crash when shooting into character
  • fixed crash when assigning cockpit ownership
  • fixed crash with voxels
  • fixed crash with thrust component
  • fixed space master has linearly moving trash ON by default