Update 01.138

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9 June 2016


This week’s update brings you another round of bug fixes and improvements. We've included several fixes for particles, so many thanks to players for the bug reports from last week! Please continue reporting bugs with the new particles (or any other feature), since it definitely helps us get those issues resolved more quickly. Other bugs fixed this week include batteries always being set to recharge when built via a projector, double spawns of encounters, and the crosshair being inaccurate in 3rd person. We've also fixed a number of crashes in this week's update. As always, keep in mind that there are bigger updates and significant optimizations in works right now behind the scenes. Look forward to some of these in the near future!


  • fixed airtight hangar door sound
  • fixed impact audio sound related crash
  • fixed ModAPI TextBox terminal control value type
  • fixed a lot of spawns present in the mission scenario
  • fixed crash when opening door
  • fixed Crash on exiting game
  • fixed repeating message - oxygen bottle
  • fixed batteries always set to recharge from projector
  • fixed wrong screen when you join scenario
  • fixed crash when loading into scenario
  • fixed tool duplication on death
  • fixed wrong display of message when removing the helmet
  • fixed cargoship's turrets shoots at blastdoors
  • fixed crashes on other threads
  • fixed not being able to drag animations into hotbar
  • fixed jump effect showing to client
  • fixed spawning of double encounter spawn
  • fixed handbrake locking landing gears
  • fixed seeing idle pose while going inside cockpit
  • fixing third person camera tilt
  • fixing netgraph and HUD key conflict
  • fixed jump drive counter still active when exiting cockpit
  • fixed incorrect gyro override values
  • fixed antenna broadcasting setting
  • fixed helmet lights shining from cockpit
  • fixed doors set to off still venting oxygen

Update 01.138.004

  • fixed refinery crashes
  • fixed script errors regarding input