Update 01.139

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16 June 2016
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This week’s update is all about more bug fixes and improvements, plus our new stable + development branch system. We've made some fixes to meteorites, so should no longer spawn from inside planets and destroy your bases from below. We will continue to improve and balance them more in the future. Other bugs fixed this week include landing gears unlocking when merging a platform with a large ship, ore detectors missing a range slider, and weapons shooting even when disabled. There have also been more tweaks and fixes made to particles, and multiple crashes resolved.

Finally, this week we're releasing a new stable (and default) branch on Steam. No action is required from players to access this stable branch. If you would like to opt-in to the non-default development branch, you can do so manually via the BETA tab in Steam (see instructions below). The development branch will be updated weekly, while the stable branch will updated about once a month and should provide a more comfortable gameplay experience.

Developer's note: If you publish a mod, blueprint or world from the development branch, it will be tagged as “development” on the Steam Workshop. If you use these creations on the stable branch, you will get a warning message with a list of mods that may not function correctly.


  • Stable branch released


  • fixed landing gears unlocking when merging ships
  • fixed wrong active mods load order
  • fixed weapons still able to shoot when disabled
  • fixed terminal / inventory closing after looting cyberhounds
  • fixed meteorites hitting from below
  • fixed several particles
  • fixed misplaced GUI when assigning actions
  • fixed reload message
  • fixed issues when switching camera
  • fixed typo in cubeblock.sbc
  • fixed reset of thruster control
  • fixed Piston.LimitReached in MODAPI
  • fixed small rocket launchers reload issues
  • fixed missing slider in ore detector
  • fixed batteries welded from projectors
  • fixed crash when loading modded worlds

Update 01.139.008

  • Fixed crash in text rendering
  • Fixed crash when starting game with graphics card that dont support dx11

Update 01.139.009

  • fixed crash when using shield mod