Update 01.141

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23 June 2016

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This week’s update brings a new batch of bug fixes and improvements. Firstly, the update now allows you to turn off solar panels. Bugs fixed this week include projected antennas broadcasting, incorrect construction stage orientation for some blocks, cockpit toolbar issues, and the control hints cube being stretched. We’ve also fixed a number of crashes caused by changes to the planetary code last week.

Next week some major improvements for the ModAPI and ingame programming will be released. However, this will break scripted mods and some ingame scripts. If you're a modder or scripter, please see the guide linked below for what you'll need to do to fix your mods. Finally, keep in mind that all the changes in today's update will only be on the weekly development branch - you will not notice these if you are playing on the default stable branch.

ModAPI/Ingame Interface Expansion and Improvements guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=709010443


  • solar panels can be turned on or off


  • fixed color copying in mirror mode
  • fixed cockpit toolbar issues
  • fixed open doors grinding faster than closed ones
  • fixed stretched control cube
  • fixed backpack color changing
  • fixed log saying "see log for details"
  • fixed construction stage orientation for some blocks
  • fixed cryochamber overlay sticking ofter death
  • fixed tool tips covering jumpdrive countdown
  • fixed hidden inventory slot behavior
  • fixed grinder area of effect after merging
  • fixed projected antennas broadcasting
  • fixed incorrect inventory order after moving an item
  • fixed screenshot crash in blueprints menu
  • fixed crash in Havok when loading world