Update 01.143

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7 July 2016

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New This week’s update brings another round of bug fixes and improvements. We're also trying something new today, bringing you the first in an upcoming series of Space Engineers dev diaries. In the developer diary this week, our programmer Michal will tell you a bit about animations he's been working on, particularly the new things he's added and some of the final touches on the system. Right now we support synchronizations between layers and also support reading variables from the environment, so the animation is completely driven by the game and not vice-versa.

Michal is working on stabilizing the first person camera and smoothing out the behavior of the 3rd person camera, and he will also show you the inverse kinematics for the feet of the character. This means that if you're running on an asteroid, the character snaps his feet correctly to the surface of the asteroid. This also applies to animals (for example, spiders). He's also improving the weapon animation and positioning in the game, which should be much smoother than before.

Finally, in the 3rd person, we're using animation from our artists rather than the code. This improves appearance while running. We can also use animation for driving the weapon position for complicated situations like holding the weapon while running.

We hope you enjoyed this new segment and though we won't have a dev diary every week, you can look forward to more in the future!


  • fixed pasting from clipboard for the first time
  • fixed crash when loading a world
  • fixed character moving with rotor
  • fixed player being able to control ships from cryochamber
  • fixed character with no head when in remote control
  • fixed impossible to move issue during lock on merge block by landing gear
  • fixed disconnected Hydrogen Thrusters causing ship to sink in an atmosphere
  • fixed clicking on the slider for Suspension Travel greys out controls on the block
  • fixed respawn on DS not working correctly
  • fixed crash on loading blueprint
  • fixed "safety locked" Large to Small rotor moves around a lot
  • added .NET environment in the log
  • fixed controlled ship falling down on planet

Update 01.143.???

  • fixed projector position