Update 01.174

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. There’s now mirrored versions of wheels so you can have the tire tread facing the same direction on both sides of a vehicle. The texture of light and heavy amour has been updated, it should now look cleaner and less noisy. Most noticeably the tiling of corners and inverted corners is less noticeable as lines on the textures are softer. Additionally, merge blocks have been visually adjusted to match their air tight status and central blast door blocks have been tweaked slightly. Player character color will now remain the same upon respawn at a medical room which will prove especially useful in team-based multiplayer scenarios. Also, idle thrusters will cause damage to players and surrounding grids and when idle. We’re also adding better modding support for emissives. This means that you will be able to use whatever colour you like on functional blocks. For example, you could make a modded generator where the working state is purple. On the subject of emissives, damaged conveyor tubes will no longer emit any light so you know the exact block in your conveyor network that needs repair. In other news, the artists are still tweaking block models but some have started creating the visual elements of the HUD this week while programmers continue work on the implementation side. Meanwhile, the designers are looking into the balance and overall gameplay of survival and are preparing new scenarios. Ultimately though, stability, performance and multiplayer are still our biggest priorities.


  • Moddable emissivity (Changes to emmisive texture in blocks were done as well)
  • Added Mirrored Wheels blocks
  • Infinario update - server messages, DS support, screen events, toolbar events
  • Patched "silver lines" appearing on armor blocks


  • fixed issueCamera, animation improvements
  • fixed issue where color chosen in Medbay would not stay after dying
  • fixed noticable light when using grinder to be more transparent
  • fixed issues with idle thrusters not doing any damage as well as active thrusters reach
  • fixed issue where the remote control would constantly drain power even when not in use
  • fixed the duplicate open/close button in control panel for doors and sliding doors
  • fixed issue where automatic fire from turrets would not stop
  • fixed issue where the POV for the interior turret was clipping inside of it.

[​IMG]- fixed issue for blocks that are working after being disconnected from powered grids

  • fixed issue where battery would not send energy when on "Semi-auto" option was on
  • fixed issue with looping hit particles from gun on voxels
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyTerminalInventoryController.Init
  • fixed crash at System.NullReferenceException ParallelTasks.WorkItem.DoWork
  • fixed issue with floating objects slowing down
  • fixed odd behavior on ore rocks when drilling/mining
  • opening the G screen now will automatically go to the search bar