Update 01.180.0

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Hello, Engineers! Today we have the game’s next major update for you. This means that we have more significant features in the update on top of a bunch of fixes and improvements.

To start with, we have the new in-game server browser created by Rexxar. We’ve heard your feedback on the server browser over the last two years, and it has been completely redesigned. It is much faster than before, and contains many new features. There is now a loading wheel to indicate when the browser is downloading data from Steam. The search box has been moved to the top, and includes new advanced search features, which let you filter servers by world settings, mods, ping, and much more. There is a direct connect feature which allows you to connect to a server directly by IP address or host name (e.g. keenswh.com:27016)

You can also get complete details of a server before you join by selecting the server details button. This shows you all world settings, all mods, and all players currently online. For server admins, there is a new description box in the server config utility which lets you enter a description of your server that will be shown to users in this screen before they join.

There are also newly updated 3rd person character animations releasing this week that you will notice when using tools or weapons. The engineer will now hold them in a much more natural position than before!


  • New in-game Server Browser
  • Updated Character animations
  • Spaceballs now have the option to be hidden in the Control Panel


  • fixed crash when pasting blueprint with rotors into voxel
  • fixed crash when repairing turret
  • fixed crash at at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.InvokeDelayedTasks
  • fixed Welder radius
  • fixed client-side Battery ghost power drain (battery won't refresh its state until reconnecting)
  • fixed MyVoxelOperationsSessionComponent causing huge lags, freezing the entire PC for several seconds at a time
  • fixed missing LOD textures displaying purple models
  • fixed issue when uranium was not being consumed while sitting in the cockpit
  • fixed scrolling issues in the G-screen
  • fixed personal light not working properly
  • fixed issue when player was sliding during mining
  • fixed thrusters not doing damage to other blocks
  • fixed issue where hand gets twisted while switching from block to rifle
  • fixed particle effects not moving alongside with the ship
  • fixed wrong calculation of mass
  • fixed Armor Corner 2x1x1 and Light Armor Slope 2x1x1 models (base was sometimes transparent)
  • fixed increasing production issues
  • fixed wrong preview of copied non-functional blocks
  • fixed issue when last removed gyroscope was still consuming power
  • fixed Corner LCD's being upside down
  • fixed green highlights in the campaign
  • fixed issue when objects were still burning even after grinding them down a bit
  • fixed freezing video in main menu background
  • fixed randomized loot for drones and encounters
  • fixed mountpoints for Large Cockpit
  • fixed not being able to turn on the SHOOT option for turrets
  • fixed old workshop campaigns (pre-scripting) no longer showing up in in-game workshop
  • fixed Air Vent emissivity issues
  • fixed small grid Rocket Launcher conveyor port
  • fixed IndexOutOfRangeException in MyOreDetectorComponent
  • fixed increasing production queue using ctrl + shift combination
  • fixed Turrets targeting meteors only with moving objects option turned on
  • fixed getting stuck in the campaign when canceling the loading of the next mission
  • fixed inconsistency in spawning on planet Easy Start scenarios
  • fixed camera issues in Campaign Mission 2
  • fixed Player not being injured by explosions (Campaign, Mission 4)
  • tweaked the flare effects
  • fixed bright foot dust on Mars
  • fixed issues with HUD modding