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Large Ship / Station
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Dimensions (W,H,D)1,1,1
Mass1,768 kg
1,768,000 g
1,768,000,000 mg
1.768 t
Build time40 s
Oxygen Capacity60
Inventory Volume
Is AirtightDepends on orientation
PCU Cost150
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-11
Cockpit Icon.png
Small Ship
Small Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,D)3,3,3
Mass797 kg
797,000 g
797,000,000 mg
0.797 t
Build time30 s
Oxygen Capacity60
Inventory Volume
Is AirtightDepends on orientation
PCU Cost150
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-15


The cockpit is a block that allows the player to control a craft. It allows the user to manually control movement, rotation, tools, and weapons.


The cockpit block is very simple to use. While the player may place as many as they like, only one is needed. Cockpits will take up 3x3x3 small blocks on a small ship grid, while only 1 block on a large ship or station.

  • The direction the cockpit is facing determines which is "forward, reverse, left, right, up and down".

Oxygen system

If a cockpit is connected to a source of Oxygen through it's conveyor ports, it will automatically supply the player with oxygen and refill the internal O2 tank of the players spacesuit.

Wheel control

Every cockpit can be set to control wheels placed on the grid. When a cockpit is set to control wheels, it will instead attempt to move & turn in the directions using the wheels to propel it forward or backwards. Keep in the mind, currently the only ways to halt the vehicle to a complete stop are by using the hand brake feature in the control panel, or by holding the key assigned to upwards movement (default: spacebar). Toggling the handbrake acts as a parking brake preventing the wheels from rotating - always useful when leaving your vehicle for extended periods of time.

Main cockpit

As of Update 01.078 the player can set one of the various cockpits on the ship/station grid to act as the primary. The main cockpit restricts all access to the ships movement, dampener, power, and other system control from the others and makes the selected cockpit the only one able to use these functions. This may be used as a security feature to prevent another player to building one and stealing the ship, or as a safeguard against accidental movement or use of the other functions. If the selected cockpit is destroyed, access is restored to other cockpits on the grid.


Example of a cockpit being used to control a small ship
View of the cockpit block
View of the cockpit interior
Position 2 Small and 1 large conveyor doors, on a small ship cockpit


  • If you're using wheels, you can place the hand brake function on the toolbar for easy-access!
  • When in a cockpit, P can be used to toggle the locks of all landing gear and connectors, as well as toggle the handbrake. Be careful when carrying objects as you may drop it.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 01.074
  • Has an internal oxygen capacity
Update 01.002.014
  • fixed leaving cockpit during crashes
Update 01.001.007
  • fixed many cockpit crashes