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Large Ship / Station
Light Armor Block


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This amazing wiki block is so amazing that it amazes the author writing this. I could name ten amazing things about how amazing it is. It is capable of deploying solar panels, blocking stuff, or function as a decorative item in the corner of the room. Much like real furniture[1].

Wiki block control panel

Solar Mode When activated, the wiki block will deploy solar panels to recharge internal battery
Block Stuff If the ship or block has power, the player can activated this, and the wiki block will do block stuff
Hat Mode Activate this in the control panel to enable 'Hat mode" for the engineer to wear
Lights Activating this feature enables the fancy lights on the amazing wiki block (only usable in Hat Mode)


Simply grab the Wiki Block from the blocks menu (default: G) and drag it to your toolbar. The Wiki Block can be placed on small, large, station grids. Once placed, it will do nothing. You can interact the wiki block with the Engineers built-in antenna.

Solar Mode

The Wiki block is capable of deploying mini solar panels that extend from the inside of the block.

  • Note - The block requires power to do this action

Block Stuff

On any grid (or in hat mode), the player can activate this inside the control panel. Once enabled, the wiki block will first display a message "Block Stuff Enabled", and proceed to do block stuff.

Hat Mode

If placed as a small-ship block and left floating, a player can run into it to wear it as a hat. This function of the wiki block allows it to be worn as a hat. The player must first activate this mode in the control panel. Dazzel other players with your fancy Wiki block!

  • Note - You must first enable "Hat Mode" in the control panel before attempting to wear


A secondary feature of the wiki block is to display lights while in hat mode. The lights are similar to those of other blocks in Space Engineers, however its function is far more complex.

Help Item Page Example Green.png Help Item Page Example Green.png Help Item Page Example Green.png Wiki block has located Uranium
The number of indicators shows how close the player is
1: You can touch it < 25%, 2: 25% <= Somewhat close < 50%, 3: 50% <= Between 5-10km < 75%, 4: Between 10km-Infinite > 75%
Help Item Page Example Blue.png Help Item Page Example Blue.png Players are starting to irritate you
The number of indicators shows the remaining tolerance you have
4: Is okay > 75%, 3: 50% <= Annoyed < 75%, 2: 25% <= Not okay < 50%, 1: Angry < 25%
Help Item Page Example Yellow.png Serves no purpose, blinks at random
Help Item Page Example Red.png Help Item Page Example Red.png Help Item Page Example Red.png Help Item Page Example Red.png No power, recharge Wiki Block


Hat Mode enabled


  • Example tip here.
  • Example unintended use of this block here!
  • When placing the Wiki Block, hold down shift+LCtrl+7+H and place it. This will place the wiki block, but in the color blue!
  • The wiki block can be placed inside a gyroscope. Weirdly enough in this state, when the Wiki Block's "Hat Mode" is activated, the gyroscope wears it as a hat. To further add to the confusion, the indicator lights on top of it show that it is "Not okay"
  • While in "Hat Mode", do a handstand to unlock the infinite uranium glitch. (Only works in gravity environments)

Known Issues

  • Wiki block will sometimes change ownership to "no one"
  • If Wiki block ownership is changed while in "Hat Mode", player will die

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Toggle block On/Off
Toggle block On
Toggle block Off

Update History

Update 91.089
  • Added new feature here
Update 91.048.002
  • Added new fix here
  • Added new fix here
  • Added new feature here
  • Added new texture here
Update 91.029
  • Added new feature here
Update 91.089
  • Added new feature here, it does this, that, an example of that.
  • Feature here was fixed, and addressed here and there. Users should be aware of this and that
  • New texture added for DirectX-Over9000 users. Please remember to turn down your settings to low or risk possible harm to computer & self when game is started
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