Update 01.070

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We added a new type of round armor block which will not merge with the grid around it, you can use it for more acute connections of rounded and normal armor blocks. Additionally, the LCD panel block is now available. It has the possibility to actually show text or texture on its own screen. It can also display custom textures created by the players.



  • fixed crash when trying to load workshop item for wrong appid
  • fixed rounded blocks are not built correctly in survival
  • fixed sound block exception in programming blocks that caused crash
  • fixed stuck in death after conversion of a survival world to a creative while character was dead
  • fixed Havok crash
  • fixed "GetBlockWithName" Thruster exception in programming block that caused crash


Warning: LCD panel reset when merged with another grid or when ground down and merged again * it is a bug. It is also a known issue * please do not report it. Workaround is to switch panel OFF and ON again and the correct text/texture appears. Armor LODs are changing at short distance, it is also known. We will be fixing these issues as soon as possible.