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Gravel Icon.png
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Stone Icon.pngStone71.429

Mass1 kg
1,000 g
1,000,000 mg
1.0e-3 t
Volume0.37 L
3.7e-4 m³
2.368e-5 Large-Blocks
0.00296 Small-Blocks
0.037 hL
370 mL
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Scattered broken bits of Stone, created after it is processed in a Refinery.

Gravel is a somewhat worthless raw material. It is in fact part of the crafting recipe for Reactor Components, but the amount needed for those is so small compared to the sheer amount of Stone/Gravel a mature station will have lying around that it hardly matters. It does have limited application as a sabotage tool, filling up inventory space in a enemy Station, but this is more trolling than an actually effective tactic.

Gravel may be a part of concrete if it is ever implemented (see here), but this not yet confirmed.

Assembler Recipes

These are assembler recipes that use Gravel:

Name Icon Ingots
Grinder (Tool) Grinder (Tool) Icon.png
Grinder (Tool) Grinder (Tool) Icon.png
Hand Drill Hand Drill Icon.png
Reactor Components Reactor Components Icon.png
Reactor Components Reactor Components Icon.png
Welder (Tool) Welder (Tool) Icon.png


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Gravel Icon.png Gravel