Update 01.049

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The G-screen layout has been completely recreated (custom tabs are still work in progress). A search box for the G-screen has been also added along with the antenna’s range visibility and the item spawning tools for world makers.


  • recreated G-screen layout - it provides easier and faster access to what you need
  • moddable categories for G-screen blocks and tools (can be edited in the new BlockCategories.sbc file)
  • search textbox in the G-screen to make it easier to find that one block
  • added antenna range visualization (under info tab)
  • added object creation for player-made scenarios (creative mode only, Shift + F10)
  • sensor is now able to detect voxels (asteroids)


  • fixed crash in missile launcher shooting
  • fixed issue with multiple ships in one spawn group shooting at each other
  • fixed crash in modding API caused by ConfigDedicated.Administrators
  • fixed sync issues with damage application to blocks
  • fixed shifted jetpack animation on characters in multiplayer
  • fixed missing welding/grinding/drilling sounds
  • fixed player spawning twice in the world after remotely controlling a ship
  • fixed custom palette resetting after spawn
  • fixed issue when asteroids are not properly update when a lot of explosives go off near them
  • fixed ModAPI is no longer working for some namespaces
  • fixed cockpit inertia displayed wrong in 1st person
  • fixed timers execute one tab only
  • fixed collector not collecting 0 speed items
  • fixed G-Menu search-box reaction on shortcuts
  • fixed ModAPI ConfigDedicated.Administrators causes exception
  • fixed crash while starting remote control by sensor

Hotfix 01.049.009


  • fixed crash when joining multi player
  • fixed crash in input
  • fixed major audio crash
  • fixed issues with remote control on Dedicated server