Update 01.094

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8 August 2015


This week we added the new cockpit model for small ships. We also added a particle effect for collisions – e.g. when a ship crashes on an asteroid. Additionally, we have applied some changes to the mass of the objects inside the inventories. The mass is now based on the inventory size world setting. When the inventory size will be ten times bigger, then the mass will be divided by ten; same logic is also applied to inventories which are 3 times bigger, etc. Moreover, we have rebalanced the volume of the large container for large ships and the medium and large containers for small ships: the small ship medium container is now 3,375 liters, the small ship large container is now 15,625 liters, and the large container for large ships is now +/- 421,000 liters. New tutorial scenarios have been added as well. The jetpack tutorial displays the controls needed for flight which is followed by a series of assault course style sections to challenge your ability to fly quickly and accurately, you have a limited time from the moment you begin each section to reach the exit door. Watch out for hazards! The inventory tutorial explains how to pick items up and how to access conveyor hatches to deposit items within by using your inventory screen. The tutorial also contains a simple explanation of how to use terminals to access blocks and manipulate their control panel settings. In addition, we added a warning when jump cannot be commenced. When the ship is too close to an object that the player wants to jump to, a warning will be displayed that the jump cannot be performed.


  • new cockpit model for small ships
  • collision particle effect
  • new tutorial scenarios
  • rebalanced cargo capacity
  • rebalanced the mass of the objects inside inventories
  • warning when jump cannot be commenced

Dev Note

Warning: The volume change for inventories will only be applied to new inventories. Inventories which are already existing in the world will not be affected by the change.


  • fixed impact sound not playing

Update 01.094.012 (08/07/2015)

  • fixed crash with skin
  • fixed crash with hanger doors
  • fixed crash in character physics
  • fixed disappearing grids