Update 01.095

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13 August 2015


We have applied multiple changes regarding game-play balance. Main changes were in block and component costs, energy consumption and reactor outputs. Most of the basic blocks that you need early in the game now require only Fe, Si and Ni. More advanced blocks such as large ship blocks and weapons can additionally require Ag, Co, Mg. Moreover, the most expensive blocks will cost some U, Au and Pt. Additionally, a new tutorial has been added that offers instruction on how to fly a ship and use the three ship tools. You must use each ship to navigate through several chambers that demonstrate how to grind, weld and drill as well as how to stock a weld ship’s cargo and how to dock with connectors. Check out the latest Developers Notes where we share some info about the game’s development progress: http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/7366068/ We would also like to know your opinion/thoughts about the new changes that we are applying to the gameplay attributes and also about the tutorials. For that reason, we have created a new sub-forum where you can post your comments and send us your feedback: http://forum.keenswh.com/forums/feedback.423142/ Steam Discussions:


  • rebalancing of systems and components
  • new tutorial scenario “Ship Flight & Tools”
  • added ON/OFF option as an action for button panel


  • fixed crash when loading world in edit mode
  • fixed wheel friction setting is reverted to 0 after reload
  • fixed LCD resetting when merging two ships together
  • fixed numbers in toolbar config filter triggers hotkeys
  • fixed crash when using jump drive
  • fixed jump drive is failing to jump attached grids
  • fixed client can't weld/grind when not in view of host
  • fixed small conveyor sorter has too small volume
  • fixed oxygen indicator missing in cockpit

Balance Changes

Update 01.095.012 (08/14/2015)