Update 01.052

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Assemblers can now cooperate with each other (when enabled in terminal) by taking items from other assembler’s queue and help with transferring materials. Volumetric explosions have been also added; things hidden behind armor (or other blocks) will not get destroyed when the armor survives from the explosion. Additionally, players can now help each other with the new “welder option: help others” - welded blocks will not belong automatically to the player who is helping but to the owner of the ship.


  • assembler cooperation
  • volumetric explosions
  • welder setting: help others
  • antenna broadcasting on/off (including character * "O" key)
  • default world size is now 20 km (size can still be changed to “unlimited” in world settings)
  • arc furnace can now refine more metals


  • fixed missile explosions right after missile was launched
  • fixed issue with objects not removed when leaving the world
  • fixed respawning of character crossing the world limits
  • fixed broken animations for custom skins
  • fixed cases when components were duplicated by collectors
  • fixed issue with more screens popping up at once
  • fixed auto-save not saving the world regularly
  • fixed view change while pasting modded blueprint
  • fixed game is running before loading screen is closed
  • fixed crash caused by camera view and exiting Remote control
  • fixed custom respawn ship mods not working
  • fixed world corrupted, refinery entity ID replaced
  • fixed sensor triggering action on owned block
  • fixed DS crashed on loading - steamSDK
  • fixed client on DS is not able to join the faction
  • fixed spawned as spectator when loading world

Hotfix 01.052.023


  • fixed small landing gear collision model
  • fixed issue: loading world with many asteroids
  • fixed crash with meteors in world
  • fixed crash caused by turret
  • fixed crash in multiplayer when joining/spawning
  • fixed crash in factions
  • fixed crash in character mods
  • fixed crash caused by floating objects
  • fixed crash when loading invalid audio file
  • fixed crash in assemblers