O2/H2 Generator

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Oxygen Generator Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
O2/H2 Generator
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Dimensions (W,H,D)1,2,1
Mass2,587 kg
2,587,000 g
2,587,000,000 mg
2.587 t
Build time22 s
Inventory Volume4,000 L
4 m³
400 hL
Ice Consumption50 kg/s
Ice-to-Gas Ratio10 L/kg
Power Consumption500 kW
500,000 W
0.5 MW
Idle Power Consumption1 kW
1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
Power Consumer GroupFactory
Is AirtightAll sides
PCU Cost50
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Small Ship
O2/H2 Generator
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Dimensions (W,H,D)3,3,2
Mass298.6 kg
298,600 g
298,600,000 mg
0.299 t
Build time14 s
Inventory Volume1,000 L
1 m³
100 hL
Ice Consumption10 kg/s
Ice-to-Gas Ratio10 L/kg
Power Consumption100 kW
100,000 W
0.1 MW
Idle Power Consumption1 kW
1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
Power Consumer GroupFactory
Is AirtightDepends on orientation
PCU Cost50
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The Oxygen Generator is a functional Block available for Small Ships, Large Ships and Stations. It is used to process Ice into breathable Oxygen and Hydrogen fuel.


If connected to a Conveyor Network via one of the inventory access points, the Oxygen Generator can automatically pull in Ice from attached inventories to process. Oxygen and hydrogen generated will travel through the conveyor system, and will be stored in an Oxygen Tank or Hydrogen Tank. If there are no tanks with vacancy in the conveyor network, the Oxygen Generator will not process Ice.

The oxygen generator can be used to refill Oxygen and Hydrogen Bottles by placing empty or partly filled bottles into the O2 generators inventory and either clicking "Refill bottles" or activating the control panel option "Auto-Refill".


Oxygen Generator Status
Color Status
Air Vent Front Indicator cyan.png Oxygen Generator has Ice and is processing it into gas,
while there is still free capacity in the tanks it has access to.
Air Vent Front Indicator Green.png Oxygen Generator has Ice in its inventory but, is unable to process it
since all the accessible and enabled tanks are completely full.
Air Vent Front Indicator Yellow.png Oxygen Generator is powered and is On,
but has no Ice in its inventory cannot work.
Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png Oxygen Generator is either unpowered or deactivated.

Gas Generation

Oxygen and Hydrogen are produced at a 1:1 ratio. In addition, the processing only produces one output. Either Oxygen or Hydrogen, but not both. Giving the H2/O2 Generator access to both oxygen and hydrogen tanks will merely split the output of the generator into using 50% of the available ice for Oxygen and 50% of the available ice for Hydrogen.

Note: The speed of the generator is unaffected by the assembler efficiency and the refinery speed world settings.

Oxygen generation rate - Large 500 L/s
Oxygen generation rate - Small 100 L/s
Ice to oxygen ratio - Large 1 kg Ice = 10 L gas
Ice to oxygen ratio - Small 1 kg Ice = 10 L gas


Oxygen Generator OxyGen01.jpg


  • Sometimes it may be wise to disable your oxygen generator when you don't need it. This is because it can generate excess amounts into your oxygen tanks. If your oxygen tanks are full, you cannot depressurize a room as there is no where for the oxygen to go.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 01.074
  • Oxygen Generator block introduced
Update 01.105
  • Oxygen Generator now can also produce Hydrogen