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Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Large Cargo Container
Large Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass2,593.6 kg
2,593,600 g
2,593,600,000 mg
2.594 t
Build time45 s
Inventory Volume421,875 L
421.875 m³
42,187.5 hL
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost10
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Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Small Ship
Large Cargo Container
Small Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,L)5,5,5
Mass626.2 kg
626,200 g
626,200,000 mg
0.626 t
Build time25 s
Inventory Volume15,625 L
15.625 m³
1,562.5 hL
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-15


Largest of the Cargo Containers available currently in the game, scaling at 3x3x3 (large grid) and 5x5x5 (small ship). The large cargo container is a block with a very large inventory used for storing components, ores, materials, and tools. It contains 3 large and 3 small conveyor ports.


The container can be manually inserted with items. However, this can be very inefficient. You can also connect it to other blocks to directly transfer items between them. Simply connect the cargo container port to either a block such as Refineries or Conveyors connected to one with an inventory.

This size cargo container is a 5x5x5 object for the small ship variant, which makes it 125 times the volume, in terms of blocks of space occupied. It also has exactly 125 the storage capacity, but about 9 times the weight, reducing fuel costs.

The large ship variant of the Large Cargo Container, being a 3x3x3 object (in large blocks) makes it 27 times the physical volume occupied. It has exactly 27 times the storage capacity, but only about 5 times the weight, reducing fuel costs.

While identical in terms of storage space for a given volume, Large Cargo Containers provide more capacity for a given weight. The large ship Large Cargo Container provides 51.03 liters of capacity per kilogram of mass, compared to 27.11 liters per kilogram for Small Cargo Containers. For small ships, the liters/kilogram for Large/Medium/Small cargo containers are 43.12, 24.78, and 1.70, respectively. For a given cargo capacity, Large Cargo Containers are a bulky but light weight solution.


Large Cargo Container to small grid (left) and large grid (right)
Large Cargo Container (small grid), is equivalent to Small Cargo Container (large grid). They are 15625 liters to cube 2.5 * 2.5 * 2.5 meters


  • If you leave containers as is, items will automatically pile up inside them. But they won't prevent any from coming in. If you want to make specific cargo containers, use the Conveyor Sorter block!
  • As of Update 01.093, stored items in inventories will add to the mass of the ship. The more items that are stored inside, the slower you will get!
  • The large cargo container is not airtight.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 01.039
  • Fixed inventory listing as same for all containers
Update 01.031
  • Large cargo container on small ship has now large doors
Update 01.021.029
  • Fixed disappearing things in cargo containers
  • Fixed large cargo container collision model
Update 01.020
  • Fixed collision model for cargo container