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Large Ship / Station
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass450 kg
450,000 g
450,000,000 mg
0.45 t
Build time20 s
Max Reflector Light Radius160 m
Reflector Cone52 °
Max Light Radius10 m
Max Light Intensity5
Max Required Input1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
1 kW
Power Consumer GroupUtility
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost25
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Small Ship
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass86 kg
86,000 g
86,000,000 mg
0.086 t
Build time7 s
Max Reflector Light Radius120 m
Reflector Cone52 °
Max Light Radius5 m
Max Light Intensity5
Max Required Input200 W
2.0e-4 MW
0.2 kW
Power Consumer GroupUtility
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost25
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The Spotlight illuminates objects in front of it when turned on. Unlike the Interior Light, it has a much larger range, but drains more power. Can be turned on or off either via the Terminal or by hitting L (default) when piloting/controlling a ship/station. The color, range, falloff and intensity of the light can be customized via the Terminal.


The Spotlight differs from the Interior Light in that it can be controlled directly from Hotkeys. However it functions the same way, but on a much larger scale.


The colour of the illumination can be changed by adjusting the sliders for Red, Green, and Blue in the RGB colourspace. This will change the colour of the emitted light as well as the colour of the light fixture itself.


  • Radius - Adjusts the size of the light source around the block
  • Falloff - How quickly the light dims as distance from the lens increases
  • Intensity - Adjusts the brightness of the light
  • Blink Interval - The amount of time between flashs
  • Blink Length - Adjusts in percentage (taken from interval) how long the flash lasts for
  • Blink Offset - Offsets in percentage (taken from interval) how long before the light begins to flash



  • The Spotlight was previously named "Reflector light".
  • It may be useful to assign sensible labels to your Interior Lights as soon as they are installed using the same method, so that any new Interior Lights you install will be easily distinguishable as having a numeric code name, and can then be labelled and coloured more easily.
  • If you're new to flashing lights, and want them to blink in order. Here's a quick tip. If you have 3 lights, set the first one normally, then the next one with an offset of 20%. The last one you set at 40% offset. You can increase the length/etc as you desire.

Known Issues

  • Currently still as of Update 01.094, light sources tend to bleed through blocks. Meaning, if their radius is large enough, you can see them from the other side of a block.

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Update History

Update 01.057
  • Improved performance of lights
  • Fixed lights which are disconnected from grid are still shining
Update 01.056
  • Fixed spotlight's light bit ahead of themselves and shine in only one direction
Update 01.054
  • Fixed emissivity for spotlight block
Update 01.053
  • Fixed spotlights not illuminating the area correctly
Update 01.046.014
  • Fixed spotlight cone visible during flashing
Update 01.046
  • Flashing lights configurable
Update 01.039
  • Fixed spotlight symmetry
Update 01.018.021
  • Renamed reflector light to spotlight
Update 01.014.010
  • Added light parameters in the control panel